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GLOBE NEWS · JAKARTA POST NEWS-North coast islet development flaunts bylaw

GLOBE NEWS · VIETNAM NEWS-Work starts on key Mekong road

GLOBE NEWS ·JAPAN TODAY NEWS-No. of suicides in Japan drops below 25,000 for first time in 18 years

GLOBE NEWS ·MEXICO DAILY NEWS-U.S. issues travel alert over Zika virus in Mexico

GLOBE NEWS · AUSTRALIAN NEWS-PUSHING THEORIES: City terrified over serial killer on loose LOCALS are convinced a serial killer is pushing people to their watery graves in this city’s canals. The truth is about to come out.

GLOBE NEWS ·AL JAZEERA-Southern Africa's drought leaves millions hungry

GLOBE NEWS ·NATIONAL POST-I didn’t want to live in fear after someone broke into my house — so I learned to shoot

GLOBE NEWS ·CBS NEWS-Clinton, Sanders dominate, but O'Malley also strong

GLOBE NEWS ·ESPAÑA NEWS-EL PAÍS -Podemos pide al PSOE que ceda diputados a cambio de un pacto


  • North coast islet development flaunts bylaw

    Despite the mandate of a bylaw draft on the Jakarta north coast strategic area stating that reclamation consists of 17 islets, each separated by a 200-meter wide canal, developer Agung…
  • Floods isolate 3,000 families in Riau

    Thousands of residents in Kampar regency, Riau, have been struggling to survive over the past two months after floods and landslides cut the main transportation links to and from the…
  • Protection sought for Ahmadiyah in Bangka

    The Ahmadiyah Muslim group has urged the government to protect its followers from being expelled from their homes in Bangka regency, Bangka Belitung province. They have called on the government…
  • Bulog to gain extended authority

    A new presidential regulation on the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) overhaul is expected to be issued this week, providing rights for the agency to oversee 11 food commodities in hopes…
  • Leniency leads to terror attack

    Indonesia’s convoluted and messy judicial system seems to have encouraged the rise of terrorism after one of the attackers in Thursday’s “Paris-style” assault that killed four civilians is now believed…
  • Biennale 2015 comes to end with Pasar Loak

    As the two-month event approaches its end, Jakarta Biennale is welcoming visitors not only with contemporary art installations, but also a bazaar offering various secondhand goods — from clothes to…
  • Tourism players optimistic despite Jakarta attacks

    Tourism industry players from major tourist destinations across the country have expressed optimism, claiming that the recent terrorist attacks in Jakarta were unlikely to have a significant impact on the…
  • KPK accused of sloppy work during raid

    A senior Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) politician has criticized the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for its recent raid on the offices of several House of Representatives members implicated in a…
  • By the way ... Don’t forget to remember me!

    The old adage “Jakarta itu keras, bung!” (Jakarta is tough, bro!) is often used to describe the harsh competitive nature of life in the capital of Indonesia, the largest economy…
  • Stellar start for Isyana Sarasvati

    Before her debut album Explore! was launched on Nov. 25, Isyana Sarasvati had already become a star.
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