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GLOBE NEWS ·FINANCIAL TIMES-Lagarde wins backing for new IMF term

GLOBE NEWS · POLSKA ECONOMY-Pieniadze.gazeta.pl - oszczędzanie, startupy, biznes, ludzie, firmy

GLOBE NEWS · GAZETA POLSKA-Będzie więcej fotoradarów? "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna": PiS chce zmiany w przepisach


GLOBE NEWS -ITALY NEWS-Delitto Litvinenko, Londra accusa: «Ucciso su probabile ordine di Putin»

GLOBE NEWS · ARAB NEWS-Top seeds progress, Djokovic denies match-fixing report

GLOBE NEWS · THE IRISH TIMES-Upcoming election makes Dáil miscreants tough to control

GLOBE NEWS ·FRANCE NEWS-LE MONDE-Libre et indocile, la romancière Edmonde Charles-Roux est morte 7

GLOBE NEWS ·CBS NEWS-AMERICA-Michigan governor.: People shouldn't assume Flint's water is safe

GLOBE NEWS ·THE MOSCOW TIMES-Russia Pushing for An Endgame in Ukraine

European shares steady after sell-off

Rouble plunges as nervous traders eye more falls for oil

ECB set to resist swift stimulus boost

Easing this week unlikely since last round was only 6 weeks ago

Rouble tumbles more than 5% to fresh low

Russian currency under increased pressure from falling oil prices

First US oil tanker arrives in Europe

Landmark moment for industry battling a collapse in prices

Big US bank revenue is flat as a pancake

Sector is struggling amid ultra-low rates and tougher regulation

Barclays culls jobs in pullback from Asia

More than 1,000 roles to go in Staley’s first strategic move

Charges to push Deutsche to €6.7bn loss

Cryan blames ‘sobering’ results on legal and restructuring costs

The logo of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is seen on window pane at the Congress Center prior to the forum's annual meeting in Davos on January 18, 2016. More than 40 heads of states and governments will attend the WEF in Davos, which this year is focused on 'mastering the fourth Industrial Revolution,' organisers said. / AFP / FABRICE COFFRINI (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)©AFP

Goldman makes large donation to pro-EU campaign

Signs of Brexit anxiety among US banks with London operations

DWA9PR Security concept: Lock on digital screen

FireEye bulks up for ‘cyber arms race’

Acquisition of iSight adds human expertise to machine learning

Reluctant BoJ faces easing pressure

Policy meeting looms amid market turmoil and wage weakness

Macri raises hopes for Argentina’s economy

Premier signals intent to reintegrate with trip to Davos

Comment & Analysis

Accounting’s big shake-up to bring more transparency

Three new reporting standards shine more light on accounts

New Hampshire raises the bar for Clinton

Sanders’ poll lead heightens battle for Democratic nomination

Twitter: MySpace 2.0

News Corp bid talk may have been wide of the mark but Alphabet could be a buyer

Best comments from our readers

"This is a first - I agree with Prof Rogoff. According to the BIS, private debt in China was 120% of GDP in 2008 and now it is 201%. By comparison US debt peaked at 170% at the time of the financial crisis. In a nutshell, the Ponzi scheme has run out of new mugs, and the old mugs are full. They can't take any more debt and won't pay it back. This is soon to be an ex-Ponzi."
By MarkGB on Davos 2016: Global economy seen to be hanging in the balance

"At the very top end only, I'd be happy for an end to a la carte. In those places, I want the chef to decide what he thinks his customers will like as given the level of innovation I'm unlikely to be able to make an informed choice myself. However, I hope this isn't a fad that spreads so we end up with fixed menus in standard restaurants as a means of disposing of excess ingredients!"
By statingtheobvious on Michelin-starred restaurants take à la carte off the menu

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