quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2016

GLOBE NEWS ·CANADIAN NEWS-NATIONAL POST-Pure hate’: Paul Bronfman on why he withdrew support to York University over painting

GLOBE NEWS ·PORTUGAL NEWS-SAPO-Os casos de pedofilia que abalaram a Igreja Católica(ANJOS OU DEMONIOS DE SAIAS)

GLOBE NEWS · FINANCIAL TIMES-Google and Apple hit back on EU tax deals

GLOBE NEWS-ITALY NEWS-CORRIERE DELLA SERA-Migranti, la Svezia chiude la porta “Via in 80 mila, voli speciali per rimpatri”

GLOBE NEWS · CBS NEWS- 3 more arrests in takeover of Oregon federal wildlife refuge

GLOBE NEWS · ARAB NEWS-Tunnel collapse: 8 Hamas men missing

GLOBE NEWS ·FRANCE NEWS-LE MONDE-Christiane Taubira, encensée et détestée

GLOBE NEWS ·ESPAÑA NEWS-EL PAÍS-ZIKA-Obama pide una respuesta rápida contra el avance del virus zika



GLOBE NEWS ·AUSTRALIAN NEWS-KOKODA KIDNAP: Doubts raised over holiday horror story

GLOBE NEWS · GAZETA POLSKA-POLAND NEWS-Wirus Zika w Europie. "20-latek miał gorączkę i bóle głowy"

GLOBE NEWS · (E VERGONHOSO ISSO GERALDO)-Governo de São Paulo cancelou contrato para forçar propina, diz delator

GLOBE NEWS ·FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO-(O BRASIL É DOS CORRUPTOS É NÃO DOS BRASILEIROS)Governo de SP cancelou contrato para forçar propina, diz delator

Warnings about Iran's nuclear intentions fall on deaf ears of Liberal government

John Ivison: There’s probably no clearer sign that the political world in this country has turned on its axis since Trudeau won the election than the attitude towards Iran

‘Few things… are more private than a sex video’: $100,000 award in revenge porn case a Canadian first

It's been four years since an 18-year-old Ontario woman found out her ex had uploaded an intimate video of her to a popular porn site, and her case has become an important first

How Donald Trump botched his biggest deal, an insight into how he would do as president

Timothy L. O'Brien: Trump never stops promoting his deal-making prowess, but in the most important deal of his life he showed none of the skills needed

When a Northern Ontario priest failed to come home in a snowstorm, the Rangers leapt into action

Moses Kakekaspan left Peawanuck, Ont., on his snowmobile for an 186-kilometre trek at 4 p.m., saying he expected to be home around 10 p.m. It didn't happen

Dead in McDonald’s: What happened before a security guard shot and killed two Toronto men

The coroner says an inquest into the shootings of Donny Ouimette and Hind by an armed security guard last Feb. 28 would be 'prejudicial' to their reputations

Liberals hew to arbitrary deadlines as Syrians feel ‘trapped’ in hotels and some regret leaving refugee camps

Robyn Urback: John McCallum has remained defiantly committed to his expedited timelines, even as settlement agencies voice concern about integrating newcomers

Cayman Islands says Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen destroyed coral reef with his 95-metre superyacht

The yacht in question is one of two owned by the billionaire. The Tatoosh features a swimming pool, cinema, basketball court, recording studio and two helicopter pads

Watch 40 inmates pour out of Brazil jail during escape attempt after exterior wall is blown up

A report by a leading Brazilian news conglomerate says nearly 40 prisoners have been recaptured or killed after escaping

‘It shredded everything’: Guelph police chase truck using chain to drag ATM stolen from strip club

Police chased the suspects for about 1,000 metres before the ATM detached from the truck and slid down to the side of the road

Why has Toronto had so little snow while New York was buried under a blizzard?

The contrasting weather in Toronto and the American mid-Atlantic can be chalked up to the 'super' El Niño meteorologists predicted would turn global weather topsy-turvy

Only in Australia: Teen planned to pack kangaroo with bomb for ISIL-inspired attack, trial told

Prosecutors allege Sevdet Besim discussed online with an accomplice that a kangaroo could be packed with explosives, painted with ‘the IS symbol’ and set loose on police

The last stand of LaVoy Finicum — who said he’d rather die than to go jail — in Oregon

Brian Hutchinson: LaVoy Finicum seemed destined to die in a blaze of gunfire. He telegraphed his demise with defiant, anti-government rhetoric and an apocalyptic worldview

Ammon Bundy urges remaining militants to end Oregon occupation: ‘This fight is now in the courts’

A day after eight members of an armed anti-government group were arrested, their jailed leader on Wednesday urged a handful of remaining militants to go home

Matador shares photo of his baby girl’s ‘debut’ as a bullfighter — now he’s getting death threats

Not everyone appreciated the unconventional family photo, and Ordonez was called 'irresponsible.' Now he could be charged for causing 'unnecessary risk to a minor'

‘Robodogs’ equipped with hi-tech vests, GPS and cameras to speed up rescue missions in Japan

The vest weighs about 1 kilogram and is equipped with a GPS device, a barometer, a battery and other devices. A small camera is attached separately under the dog's neck

The coward of Auschwitz: It took functionaries like Oskar Groening to make cultural genocide happen

Farber and Rudner: There’s no doubt that human monsters walk among us. Beneath them you need the grunts such as Groening who buy into the project

N.Y. art gallery thought it spent $80 million on Modernist classics — but they were all ‘genius’ copies

Pei Shen Qian, 75, mimicked the artworks of Modernists and turned them over to dealers who sold them as originals. Qian has fled to China

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