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GLOBE NEWS ·CANADIAN-NATIONAL POST-Trudeau to lean on 'heaviest hitters' in attempt to rebrand Canada's economy at Davos

GLOBE NEWS ·PORTUGAL NEWS-SAPO ATUALIDADES-Professores passam a ser contratados com base em critérios iguais


GLOBE NEWS ·THE MOSCOW TIMES-Agents of Change: Promoting Tolerance and Acceptance in Russia

GLOBE NEWS · POLSKA NEWS-Przecieki z Jachranki: PiS chce nowej ordynacji. Zmieni się sposób wybierania posłów?

GLOBE NEWS ·GAZETA - oszczędzanie, startupy, biznes, ludzie, firmy

GLOBE NEWS-GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL-VW-Chef in der Krise Herr Müller zur Kopfwäsche, bitte!

GLOBE NEWS ·EL PAÍS ESPAÑA-La economía china crece al ritmo más bajo de los últimos 25 años

GLOBE NEWS ·MEXICO DAILY NEWS-Former Mexican ruling party boss arrested in Spain

GLOBE NEWS · NEW ZEALAND NEWS-Hundreds turn out at vigil for Te Atatu murder victim

GLOBE NEWS ·THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Taiwan’s Rich Rulers Face a Financial Loss, Following Political One

GLOBE NEWS ·REUTERS NEWS-Elites descend on Davos to debate rising inequality

GLOBE NEWS ·ABS-CBN PHILIPPINES NEWS-Tatad asks SC to take action vs Poe ad

GLOBE NEWS · JAKARTA POST NEWS-North coast islet development flaunts bylaw

GLOBE NEWS · VIETNAM NEWS-Work starts on key Mekong road

Even the most entrepreneurial immigrant’s spirit would be crushed in Atlantic Canada

Marni Soupcoff: Frank McKenna is suggesting the Liberals require that newcomers spend at least three years in an Atlantic province before they become Canadian citizens

Someone please tell the Bay Street economists: we don't need any fiscal stimulus

Andrew Coyne: Whatever the arguments about fiscal policy’s effectiveness in countering recessions, it was never meant to be wheeled out the minute growth fell below two per cent

Not for them to condemn or forgive fatal Sammy Yatim shooting, judge tells jury

Christie Blatchford: Though experts testified about use of force and how officers are trained, the judge said poor execution of training doesn’t automatically equate to criminal conduct

Watch as Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau breaks into an original song at Ottawa MLK Day ceremony

‘I know that good will prevails’: Grégoire-Trudeau, married to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, said she wrote the song for her daughter when her own life was at a low point

Condemn Burkina Faso terror attack ‘with airplanes’ not just words, victim’s mother tells Trudeau

‘I’m revolted … (Justin Trudeau) walks around with his nice hair spouting his empty theories, he’s on television condemning things but he’s not capable of joining in’

Swedish doctor charged after woman drugged and locked in sound-proof bunker

The Swedish doctor confessed to drugging a woman with sedative-laced strawberries and locking her where he had intended to keep her for years, prosecutors said Monday

Watch Elon Musk’s reusable rocket land on ocean barge, topple over and explode

One of the rocket’s four legs didn’t latch, causing it to tip over after landing. Musk said the 'root cause may have been ice buildup due to condensation from heavy fog at liftoff'

Goodwill ‘on life support’: Sudden closure of 26 Ontario locations ‘no surprise’ to charity world

The sudden closure of 16 Goodwill stores and 10 donation centres comes as no surprise to those who have followed its precarious financial position in recent years

Goodwill’s beleaguered branch saw expenses outstrip revenue by $1.1 million in 2014: documents

The charity announced Sunday it will be shutting 16 stores, as well as 10 donation centres and two offices

David Cameron to back ‘sensible’ Muslim veil ban, will announce anti-radicalization measures

The British prime minister refused to endorse a French-style blanket ban but made clear that individual organizations could choose to stop Muslim women wearing the veil

Trudeau stands by infrastructure spending as solution to Canada’s economic woes

The prime minister hinted from a Cabinet retreat in New Brunswick that the government is looking to make more of its planned infrastructure investments in the immediate future

With Russia looming, it's a bad time for EU to pick a fight with Poland

Matthew Fisher: Poland is not the only European country where right-wing sentiment is severely testing the union’s liberal values

Alberta tells Catholic school trustees to ‘sort themselves out’ over LGBTQ issue

'The vast majority of Albertans want equality and justice for all students, including those with different gender identities'

Living above third floor drastically reduces your chances of surviving cardiac arrest, study suggests

For those above the 16th floor, the survival rate was 'negligible' and by the 25th floor, it was zero. Researchers liken the delay on higher floors to living in a rural setting

‘His best performance yet’: Bernie Sanders shines in final Democratic primary debate

Report card: How did Democratic primary candidates fare in the final debate on Sunday night?

Police search for suspect who punched snowplow driver after side-street skirmish in Whitby

The snowplow driver stopped and waited as the suspect was shovelling snow by the side of the road. When the man on the street wouldn't move, the two started arguing

‘We forget we really are a nation of refugees’: What newcomers thought when they moved to Canada

The 12 former refugees who participated in this mini-documentary arrived in Canada under different circumstances over the span of nearly seven decades

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