sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

GLOBE NEWS ·CANADIAN-NATIONAL POST-To anyone who feels angered by the painting of a Palestinian at York University, too bad

GLOBE NEWS ITALY NEWS-·CORRIERE DELLA SERA-Vertice Merkel-Renzi: «Urgente accordo sulla Turchia, ma l’Ue risponda sui fondi»

GLOBE NEWS ·ESPAÑA NEWS-EL PAÍS-Alerta de la OMS: el virus del zika se expande de “manera explosiva”

GLOBE NEWS ·ALERT-CBS NEWS-AMERICA-NIH: Zika virus at "pandemic" level

GLOBE NEWS · ARAB NEWS-Bombing, civilians’ starvation hamper talks: Syria opposition


GLOBE NEWS · GAZETA POLSKA- Rachoń i autorzy "Resortowych dzieci" nagrodzeni przez SDP. Mocne uzasadnienie

‘Women will be watching’: The wider relevance of Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault trial

Dangerously for criminal proceedings, it is symbolic. People will be looking for more than a verdict. They will want a message

Why did Barbara Kay not mention poll showing Christians, Jews back civilian attacks more than Muslims?

Azeezah Kanji: While on the topic of Muslims, here are a few other numbers to note

The Twitter trial you never heard about: Toronto man guilty of harassing Michelle Rempel

Exclusive: The Tory MP kept the ordeal to herself and only agreed to speak so Canadian women would know there is some protection in the courts from digital threats

Alberta on Line One: Hey Canada, can we get a little help over here, please?

Jen Gerson: I don't think anyone in Canada would be better off if Alberta separatism becomes a serious political movement. So, please, let's not let it

‘Recommended on TripAdvisor’ sticker lands Montreal pub in hot water with language watchdog

'Notice to all restaurateurs: If you are fortunate enough to be well reviewed on TripAdvisor, don’t let anyone know about it,' said one of the owners on Facebook

Nothing offensive about hiring ‘wenches,’ says Regina man who is turning his house into a castle

Jason Hall wants to start offering parties and overnight stays, but has received criticism recently, for posting an ad hiring not only butlers, but ‘wenches’

Alison Redford’s ‘sky palace’ is open for business — complete with plastic guard owls and her old couch

The suite reflects a political trajectory from lavish home-to-be for Redford to toxic symbol of government excess to its latest incarnation as a politically radioactive fallout zone

Stocks are soaring around the world as Japan ends brutal month with negative interest rate

Markets look set to end the worst start to stocks since 2008 on a high note after the Bank of Japan unexpectedly cut rates below zero

Canada needs Trudeau to be a cheerleader for pipelines, not a ‘responsible referee’

John Ivison: The plan to open up energy exports via pipelines looks like collateral damage in the Liberals’ Seinfeldian compulsion to do opposite of what the Tories did

‘I am someone’s daughter, I am someone’s sister’: Victim yells at rapist during Calgary court statement

Wiping away tears, the victim of a Calgary rape four years ago yelled at her abuser Wednesday as she spoke of the impact of the crime

‘Oh my God, this is real’: Inside the deadly school shooting that shattered La Loche

Staring down the barrel of a shotgun in the commons area, a school employee waited for the gunman to fire, thinking she could ‘outrace’ the bullet. She was wrong

Trump amps up Fox News feud, shunning broadcaster’s GOP debate with a rival Iowa event

Fox said Trump had offered to appear at the debate on the condition the channel donates $5 million to his charities, which the network said was not possible

‘Pure hate’: Paul Bronfman on why he pulled support for York University over a painting

York said its students have the ‘right to express their views’ after the film mogul withdrew philanthropic support until the painting, Palestinian Roots, is removed

Teens intentionally push themselves into river on ice floe. They had to be rescued to get back to shore

The men, in their late teens, could be seen using a pole and large branch to push themselves further out into the middle of the Otonabee river in Peterborough, Ont.

‘Actions have consequences’: FBI video shows shooting of Oregon occupier LaVoy Finicum

The video appears to show the man reaching into his jacket before he fell into the snow. The FBI said the man had a loaded gun in his pocket

Ontario woman charged with threatening to shoot man’s dog. Hours after the threat, the dog was dead

The woman and a friend accused an East Gwillimbury man's dog of biting one of them. She told the man she knew where he lived and would shoot the dog. Hours later, the dog was dead

Nearly naked protester hangs herself from Paris bridge to protest historic visit from Iranian president

The Femen activist hung from a fake noose off a Paris bridge Thursday next to a huge banner reading ‘Welcome Rouhani, Executioner of Freedom’

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