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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Republican Vote in Iowa Hinges on Turnout

GLOBE NEWS · INDONESIA NEWS-JAKARTA POST-Bank Mandiri channels Rp 1t to Kalbe Farma


Republican Vote in Iowa Hinges on Turnout

Turnout will be key in Monday’s Iowa caucuses, with Republican Donald Trump relying on people who have never previously taken part in the process. in a day

Sanders’s New Weapon: Going Negative Against Clinton

Bernie Sanders, seeking an Iowa victory over Hillary Clinton, runs a negative ad and knocks her email practices. 52in a day

GOP Candidates Make Their Final Appeals

The crowded Republican presidential race spilled into its final day in Iowa with the top-tier candidates making sharply different cases for why each should win the nation’s first election contest. in a day

Oil Prices Fall on China Data, Output Doubts

Crude-oil prices fell in early Asia trade, dragged by lackluster Chinese manufacturing data and dimming prospects of a coordinated production cut. in a day

Activists’ Sway Shows Its Limits

The portfolios of investors such as Carl Icahn and William Ackman have declined in recent months, the result of bad investment decisions and general market upheaval. in a day

Bombings Cloud Syrian Peace Bid

Opponents of the Syrian regime who traveled to Geneva for peace talks threatened to stay out of the negotiations until their demands were met, while the regime responded to deadly bomb blasts near Damascus by accusing its opponents of being terrorists and foreign agents. in a day


Cameron’s Demands Create Fresh EU Dilemma

Unless the EU finds ways to address members’ legitimate concerns about risks emanating from other countries in the bloc, Mr. Cameron won’t be the last to demand the right to impose national solutions. in a day